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What Our Clients Say

“Chad is of course… honest and reliable, but most important to me is Chad’s loyalty. It’s hard to find people these days who are team players. If you need a leader when you’re not around and someone to watch your back, I’d take Chad Bennett any day of the week.”

~ Denny, Strength and Conditioning Coach at University of North Texas

“Chad is a true operations professional. His ability to synthesize data into actionable information is second to none. This skill has vaulted his career to new heights and his company to new markets. His stock has never been higher.”

~ Kevin, Vice President of Business Development in Texas

“Chad is professional and efficient in his approach to work and very well-liked by his colleagues and clients. He is well-presented and able to work both independently and as part of a team. His partnership offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, I have been very pleased with his work.”

~ Corry, Human Resources for Hospital in Kansas

“I have known Chad Bennett for more than fifteen years now and have collaborated with him as well as worked with him directly in a prior organization. Chad is a leader with unquestioned integrity. He will say what he means and do what he says regardless of the circumstances. Chad is extremely organized and has a work ethic that allows him to achieve the results he sets out to accomplish.”

~ Mark, CEO of Staffing Firm in Oklahoma

“I have been acquainted with Chad Bennett for 13 years, during that time, he has been a client of my web marketing business. In this professional capacity, he has been a pleasure to work with. Chad’s ability to effectively communicate, whether for a new web project or for the vision of his company, is largely responsible for the success and continued growth of Infinity. Chad understands good business is about building and maintaining excellent relationships.”

~ Dave, Founder of Marketing Agency in Oklahoma

“The first thing I think of when I think of Chad is his honesty. He has no issue in stating the truth, in a compassionate way, even when it is not popular. His organizational skills are upper echelon and that is a powerful weapon in this industry. Lastly, his creative problem solving shows often during challenges. He’s so willing to think outside of the box that I sometimes wonder if he knows there IS a box.”

~ Brett, Vice President of Staffing Firm in Oklahoma

“Chad is efficient, detail-oriented and extremely competent. He works very hard to fulfill his client’s needs in a timely manner. In my experience, Chad has gone above and beyond even if the task seems unattainable. This is a testament of his integrity and commitment to assuring clients get what they need even if it may not benefit him personally or his business.”

~ Dana, Manager at Hospital in Oklahoma

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