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Staffing Services

At Aspyr Partners, we’ve partnered with GiANT Worldwide to provide world-class content, tools and technology to unlock people in every organization in the world. GiANT works with organizations in 127 different countries, including Google, Chick-fil-A, Pfizer and Ford. Google and GiANT came to similar conclusions about assessing highly effective teams, and Google uses our assessments to track performance in their data centers.


Technology has changed the coaching culture. We give you metaphors and tools to aspire to.

~ Jeremie Kubicek, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at GiANT Worldwide

Staffing Overview

What is the Assessment?

We have discovered the five key areas that indicate the health and performance of a team or organization.

By assessing a group on these areas we know where to focus our effort. The areas that we assess are not fads or trends. They are the timeless fundamentals that organizations have always been built on. That is why our system works in any organization, regardless of size or industry. Google’s own Aristotle Research Initiative supports the effectiveness of our Assessment.



Does everyone have communication skills and habits that are healthy and effective?


Does everyone have the necessary trust and psychological safety to fully support and challenge one another?


Does everyone know what the vision of the organization is, how they contribute to it, and what is expected of them each day?


Does everyone maximize their potential and work on the correct things in order to help the organization achieve its goals.


Are you resourced appropriately in terms of skills, capital, and people to achieve your goals?

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